Thank you for choosing Hotel Nikko Kanazawa.
Hotel Nikko Kanazawa is taking the following measures for the safety of our guests.

Public area
  • Thermographic camera

    A thermographic camera is set in the lobby to measure body temperature.

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer

    Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are placed in the main entrance, lobby, all guest room floors, restaurants and banquet rooms.

  • Sanitation of public areas

    Frequent sanitation of doorknobs handrails, and elevators.

Accommodation, restaurant and banquet rooms
  • Sanitation of guest rooms

    Hotel personnel thoroughly sanitize guest rooms.

  • Sanitation of tables and seats

    Hotel personnel thoroughly sanitize tables and seats.

  • Serving of food

    We have changed the style to serve food individually.

  • Food sanitation management

    We follow the Food sanitation law.

  • Sanitation of cooking facility and equipment

    We sanitize the cooking facility and equipment on a daily basis.

  • No body contact at cashier

    To prevent contact we use a cash tray and have placed a clear board in front of the cashier.

  • Layout of restaurant

    To keep social distance we have changed the layout of each restaurant.

  • Seating

    Seats are arranged to keep distance.

  • Number of guests

    We are controlling the number of guests so it will not get crowded.

  • Air purifier

    Air purifiers are set in all restaurants.

  • Air ventilation

    Doors will be open on a regular basis to keep the air ventilating.

  • Sterilization sheet

    We give sterilization sheets to all guests staying in our hotel.

  • Plastic board

    We have set a plastic board in front of the reception, concierge desk and cashiers of restaurants.

Hotel personnel
  • Wearing of masks

    Hotel personnel will wear a mask for the safety of our guests.

  • Hand and mouth wash

    Hotel personnel will wash their hands and mouth on a frequent basis.

  • Health monitoring

    We will monitor our personnel on a daily basis.

  • Business partner

    All business partners entering the hotel will sanitize their hands.

  • Backyard sanitation

    We sanitize the backyard on a daily basis.

  • Hotel personnel movement restriction

    Hotel personnel is restricted to go overseas or to places with high chances of infections.

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